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As costs continue to rise and resources need to be more carefully managed, producing the same great beers for your customers as efficiently as possible will become a necessity not a choice. We aim to work alongside you and offer new solutions that help you understand how efficiency can be created quickly and easily throughout the brewing process with no compromises on your brewing.

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At BarthHaas we have been looking at how we can help brewers become more efficient while still maintaining quality and the connection with the natural hop. We have developed and continue to improve and innovate solutions that offer huge benefits at each stage of the brewing process, while still being made from hops, so as a brewer you can still avoid the use of synthetic products.


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Efficiency gains are possible throughout the brewing process with our liquid hops range. You can combine them to create a cumulative effect that can make your brewing as efficient as possible. Depending on the product you are using and the result you want, they can be used as either a full or partial replacement to traditional or synthetic alternatives. They are all made from hops and do not need any significant new equipment to be dosed into the brewing kit.

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Liquid Hop Range | BarthHaas Efficiency

Efficient Bittering


Natural 100% hop derived bitterness that flows into your kettle.

Improved Utilisation

Increased Yields

Reduced Shipping and Storage Costs

Efficient Late Hop Flavor


Big 100% hop flavor poured straight into your whirlpool.

Increased Yields

Reduced Shipping and Storage Costs

Reduced Waste

Efficient Dry-Hop Flavor


100% hop derived liquid dry hopping flavor.

Increased Yields

Reduced Shipping and Storage Costs

Increased Speed Process

Increased Fermenter Capacity

HopAid® Antifoam

Antifoam Made From Hops!

Improved Utilization

Reduced Energy Usage

Reduced Cleaning Times

Efficient Aroma Management


Hop oils for perfect aroma.

Increased Yields

Increased Speed Process

Reduced Waste

Efficient Stable Beer Haze


Haze for Days (or Even Years).

Reduced Shipping and Storage Costs

Reduced Ingredients Costs

Increased Shelflife

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Let us show you how you can use hops in ways that protect your business in the future.

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