Welcome To The BarthHaas X Family

At BarthHaas X, we value our long-standing relationships with our growers. Through trust, continuous cooperation and joint quality controls at numerous locations worldwide, we can ensure the quality of our products. 

Added Value

Partnership Blooms

Our roots as a traditional family business have shown us that, just like hops, partnerships grow best when they are carefully tended. That's why carefully listening to and always including our growers is what matters most to us. By working together on joined interests we can shape the future together - for the best hops on the market.


Added Value

Purchase Philosophy

Invitation to Talk

Through meaningful engagement with our growers we are constantly improving our entire range of services focused on hops. Instead of concentrating on short-term pricing, we work in partnership in order to create a sustainable market that adds value.


Current Grower Events

Grower Training

Growing Stronger Together

BarthHaas acts as a stepping stone to greater knowledge for our growers that lets us explore their full potential together. Our tried-and-tested grower training system supports them and their businesses as they develop and innovate, allowing us to improve their competitive edge with a proven methodology.


About the Training System

BarthHaas Quality Worldwide

Our growing areas are spread out across the world, in order for you to have the best selection of hop varieties with one thing in common: our astounding quality. 


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Focus Points Of Our Partnerships


Sustainable cultivation and sustainable relationships are important to us and our growers.

Lasting Relationships

We maintain a long-standing relationship with our growers in which trust and cooperation are paramount.


Our processes at all of our sites around the world are subject to ongoing quality monitoring.


Together with our growers all over the world we shape the future for the best hops on the market.

For Our Growers

We do the best we can for our growers. Besides events that are specifically tailored to our growers, the new BarthHaas grower portal takes our cooperation to the next level! Look forward to innovative functions, such as a practical chat function, digital contract processes or an extensive service area. 


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