BBC Pure Hop Pellet™

BBC Pure Hop Pellet™

BBC Pure Hop Pellet™ is specifically designed for high efficiency and heavy-use applications in both conventional and dry-hopping applications.

The BBC Pure Hop Pellet™ was developed in the USA in a collaboration between our global partner John I. Haas and the Boston Beer Company (hence BBC). They were looking to create a pellet that allowed them to create greater efficiency in their brewing, while keeping as much of the original hop as possible. The result has proved to be a big hit, particulary within the craft brewing community.



True Hop Flavor

The Pure Hop Pellet is sometimes thought of as a “Super T90". It behaves very much like the T90 pellet but offers additional benefits that can help make your brewing great.

Great Flavor

The Pure Hop Pellet™ is a finer ground, soft pellet that offers the lupulin-rich fraction combined with best part of the whole hop to deliver a more intense full hop flavor. Great for dry-hopping.

Easy to Use

The Pure Hop Pellet is the enriched pellet most similar to a T90 and is a great introduction to brewing with pellets that offer more greater efficiency and flavor with minimal change to your process.

Highest Quality

Pure Hop Pellets were developed in collaboration with Boston Beer Company and use the world-leading BarthHaas processing facilities to ensure consistent high quality pellets.


Description: Cylindrical pellets of approx. 6 mm (0.24 inch) diameter, milled and compressed whole hops

Packaging: Laminated foils with an aluminum layer as a barrier against diffusion of oxygen

Usage: Add to the wort at the beginning or up to 15 minutes after the start of the boil

Storage: 3-5 years (depending on the temperature)