Deadline to register your interest for the 2024 Harvest Tours is 23rd June 2024, but the interest form is always open!

The 2024 Yakima Hop Harvest Tour will be 15th – 21st September! We will assemble in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday 15th and part ways in Portland, Oregon on Saturday 21st September, Check out our socials for reporting on the fun!

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Hop Harvest Tour


Join us in Yakima for a sensory experience not to be missed. We’ll not only take you to the hop fields of the Pacific Northwest, you will also get to experience the hospitality of our American colleagues at John I Haas. We’ll tour a processing plant to see how our enriched pellets and other products are made - an eye opening, educational adventure. In an extra special element, you will get to help select the hops that are brought over to Europe.

Each attendee will be charged a £100 non-refundable administration fee to secure their place. We will email a credit card payment link to guests to confirm their spot. Please note that we will allot three FUNDED spaces on our tours at random to confirmed guests.

Once confirmed, if an attendee cancels their place less than 3 weeks before the departure date, they will be asked to pay 50% of the costs incurred by BarthHaas X for their individual trip.


per person (incl. VAT)


Included: Accommodation, all tour activities, basic sustenance, and ground transportation.

What our participants say

It’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve learnt loads and met some awesome people, looking forward to seeing you all again soon. – Joanna Neale

Expertise & Innovation

American Hops

From bine to bale to beer, come see how hops are harvested and processed. We’ll visit a commercial hop farm to understand the care and precision used to create our powerful raw material. Get a behind-the-scenes look into our processing facility to see how we make our enriched pellets and other products.

Future Proof Flavor

New Hop Varieties

An essential part of the tour is a visit to the Haas Experimental Farm. Here you get the chance to see new varieties being developed to withstand our changing climate, safeguard supplies and protect the industry. Some new varieties will be available in trial beers for you to smell their enticing aromas and taste their delicious flavors, and to investigate how they can augment your current brewing portfolio.

Rub & Sniff

Help Select Europe's Hops!

Join us for a unique experience… The Yakima Hop Harvest Tour guests help to select the hops that we bring over to Europe. Yep! We get hands on to decide which lots of hops arrive on our shores, then the stringent BarthHaas Guarantee ensures you will only buy hops that meet pesticide and quality regulations.

You’ll Be Our Guest!

We Take Care of You

Of course, there will be plenty of time to sample the local beer & delicacies! As a guest of the BarthHaas X Hop Harvest Tour, we will provide your accommodation during the tour, all tour activity bookings, basic sustenance including a reasonable amount of beer, and ground transportation for the duration of your time with us. Cheers!

What you can look forward to

Tour Highlights


- In depth tour of a commercial hop farm

- Understanding how hops are grown, harvested, and processed

- Spend time with experimental hop research breeders

- Chat with our research brewers, trialling exciting products & varieties

- Rub and Sniff AND help select this year’s crop

- Collaboration with international brewers

- Outstanding cultural experience!


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BarthHaas X Events Manager

Joanne Love

How Does It Happen?

The connections and education from these tours is inspiring and rejuvenating. However, our previous costs for this tour were over £1000 per person – because we take care of our people. In order to demonstrate your commitment and participation, and to defray some of the tour costs, we have implemented a non-refundable administration fee. As part of the attendance confirmation you will be asked to pay £100 per participant. We will allot three FUNDED spaced on our tours at random to confirmed guests!

Please note that we will only process this fee once we and you have confirmed your attendance – ad it is always free to register your interest. We assure you, you will reap so much value on this tour in networking, education and experience!

Once confirmed, if an attendee cancels their place less than 3 weeks before the departure date, they will be asked to pay 50% of the costs incurred by BarthHaas X for their individual trip.

Deadline to register your interest for the 2024 Hop Harvest Tours is 23rd June 2024, but the form is always open.

*For payments in currencies other than Pounds Sterling, conversion will be made at time of transfer. Any additional fees incurred due to the conversion and transfer will be at the responsibility of the guest.

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Harvest Tour Hallertau

We will welcome you to the Hallertau region, which has incredibly significant hop history, but is also critical in developing hops for the future. With support from our colleagues, expert hop growers, and a visit to the Society for Hop Research, we will take you on a journey of discovery and learning.


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What our participants say

It was such a privilege to be invited onto the BarthHaas X Yakima Hop Harvest Tour. Being able to see the hops I've been brewing with for years being picked, processed and packaged was a great learning experience and really showed the care and respect with which the hops are treated in order to ensure they arrive with us as fresh as possible. As well as being educational, the trip was a lot of fun and lasting friendships were both made and cemented. – Andy Parker