BarthHaas X is a fully integrated part of BarthHaas, the largest supplier of hops and hop products in the world. Because of this, we have the full range of products from a portfolio that offers access to great flavors and aromas often not available from any other supplier. We offer the highest quality through world-leading processing techniques, peace of mind through the BarthHaas guarantee, increased profits and efficiency through our innovative hop products, and world-leading technical and brewing support from our Brewing Solutions team.

Custom Fit
For Craft

When you work with BarthHaas X there are a few key differences in how we operate. These differences are essential to how we support craft and smaller breweries to help your business run smoothly.


You need the same great hop products available to the biggest breweries, but it’s important that you have access to them in a way that helps you manage space and cash-flow. BarthHaas X are set up to offer your service that supports this:

- No minimum contract volumes
- Unlimited call-offs against contracts
- Proactive contract management - we help you avoid the problems before they arise
- Digital portal that allows you to manage your contract and delivery options quickly and easily
- Fast delivery across Europe

At The Heart Of Craft

Beyond offering you the best hops and hop products, we also offer support and advice. Our team is made up of well-known and respected brewers who do more than sell you hops. We do our best to act as an additional part of your team, with friendly advice and guidance that can help you stay ahead of the curve and manage your hop supply in the best way possible:

- Great adivce from successful brewers with decades of combined craft experience
- Capable and caring customer service team that will help you however they can
- Unmatched technical support from our Brewing Solution Team