As a family-run operation, we always keep the interests of future generations in mind and as hop experts, we are particularly conscious of the challenges around climate change. Our sustainability report gives you an insight into the steps we have taken.

Our sustainability strategy covers several areas, considering solutions for all of our stakeholders.

Plan & Monitor

Our Sustainability Strategy and Management

As a family-run group we embrace our responsibility to grow hops and sustainably run our business so we can continue to provide top-quality products and services for our customers. We prioritize the environment by incorporating sustainability values into every aspect of our business. To create meaningful change, everything we do will come under scrutiny to ensure it fits with the cleaner, greener future we are working towards.

Culitvating the Future

Hops, innovation and flavor have been laying the foundation of our passion for more than 225 years. Along with that comes the responsibility to manage our resources properly. Check out our newest sustainability report to see what we have been up to, and how we plan overcome future challenges.


View our Sustainability Report 2021

Our approach


Our business could not exist without our employees and the society we operate in. Therefore, fair treatment of our employees, promotion of good health and wellness, as well as supporting our local communities are all key components of our sustainability strategy.


We only have one planet, with limited resources. Given our products come directly from the land we live on, we strive to reduce our impact on the planet and use our natural resources responsibly.


To be sustainable we must be profitable. We have survived over 225 years in the hop trading business and want to maintain this monumentum through risk management and proper governance.

We are committed to being a leader in the development of hops by producing sustainable products and implementing processes throughout our supply chain.


Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Our business is constantly looking for ways to cut absolute greenhouse gas emissions and improve our environmental footprint in areas like transportation, production processes, and electricity use.


Improving Resource Efficiency

BarthHaas is reducing its consumption of raw materials, energy and water. For example, the new heat recovery system at our hop production plant operated by Hopfenveredlung St. Johann has allowed us to significantly reduce our use of heating oil.

We care about every person alongside our value chain. And beyond.


Products And Services

To add long-term value, we see it as our role to research everything there is to know about hops, and to make the knowledge we discover available to our partners.


Clean And Safe

The specially developed BarthHaas Safety Concept features an early-warning system to guarantee transparency for our growers and customers with the purest possible hops.


Social Contribution

BarthHaas works with its staff, customers and suppliers to support good causes and charitable organizations. Our Funding Guidelines allow us to ensure our contribution has specific objectives, making the best possible use of everyone’s efforts and reflecting our business values.