Diversify your product range and super charge your production efficiency with the new PHA® range from BarthHaas.

The New
PHA® Range

Make high-quality beers and beverages more efficiently and more profitably. PHAs combine pure hop derived hop flavors with a range of carriers to suit your needs. This allows you to create great flavor in your lagers, pilsners and light or non-alcoholic beers and other hop flavored beverages with ease and absolute control. PHA can help supercharge your production efficiency and keep ahead of the competition, by giving your beers and beverages that extra aroma and flavor edge.

New PHA® water-based

We have created a way to deliver our PHA natural hop oil flavors in water, to give you an option that you will find nowhere else. Water, the most natural of substances, gives you the cleanest of clean label solutions.

Using our own emulsification technology, we carefully combine hop extracts that deliver consistent targeted flavor profiles, with water and nothing else. This means no limits on dosing and peace of mind for those with customers that prefer to avoid other natural carriers such as PG or ethanol.

Meet The New PHA® Flavor Ranges

Whatever you want your
beer to be.

distinct hop aroma profiles

PHA® Classics

PHA® Classics are a great way to lift the aroma and flavor of standard and premium lager style beers, non-alcoholic beers, and beverages such hop waters. They work alongside other flavors within your beverage to add pleasant, recognizable aroma and flavor fractions from hops.

Our new and improved PHA® Classic range includes:


Strong citrus with spice and background notes of rose, lemon and cedar.


Bursting with fruity berry, lemon-lime citrus, and floral with a woody finish.


Heady floral, bergamot, lemongrass with woody background notes.


Robust herbal, grassy character accentuated with woody undertones.


Complex spicy mixture including woody, floral, citrussy and fruity characteristics.


Resinous notes dominate with a fruity mixture of citrus and spicy notes.

variety-specific dry-hop character

PHA® Topnotes

PHA® Topnotes are perfect to enhance the aroma and flavor of standard and premium beers and beverages such as lagers, non-alcoholic lagers and hop waters. They add high quality variety specific hop aroma and flavor, giving them the edge in competitive markets. They are endlessly flexible meaning you can be subtle, adding a hint of Saaz, or add more complex flavor and much-loved combinations such as Citra® and Mosaic®.

PHA® Topnotes are available in the following varieties and more subject to availability.

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Enhance your quality and taste with PHA®s

Ready to take your brewery business to the next level? Hit play and learn how PHA®s can help you brew delicious beer in an efficiency way.

The PHA® variety

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PHA : Precision in Hop Aroma by BarthHaas

Create multiple products

Super-charge Your Production Efficiency

When you need to provide a range of options for your customers, it can lead to complex production processes that cost you money, resources and time. PHAs can help you streamline your business by facilitating the differentiation of flavor options from a few or even a single production stream. Dosed quickly and easily post filtration/pre-packaging, PHA products can be added in-line on their own or alongside other aroma and flavor additions.


Create your individual hop aromas and flavors

PHAs work alongside other aroma and flavor additions when you want to experiment.


Adjust your hop aroma and flavors

No alpha acids allows the use of all packaging solutions including clear options.

Made for your business


The PHA range are made to an exacting specification meaning that you can trust the output aroma and flavor to be consistent every time. Ideal for large volume production or for when you need to replicate a specific product across multiple production sites.